Showing at 2014 EAST Austin Studio Tour @ Little Pink Monster Gallery (#360)

916 Springdale Rd., Building 2, Studio 103

November 15/16 & 22/23

11-8pm first Saturday
11-6pm all other Saturday/Sundays

(Canopy Complex in East Austin, right next door to Big Medium,
and directly across the plaza from Se-Tan Coffee (which is also
new and amazing, and worth every bit of support too!))

So for awesome news: I'll be in EAST this year, humbly and giddily joining a powerhouse group show with an amazing gallery (Little Pink Monster) led by the awesomely talented and ambitious curator Annie Wells. Seriously, I've known Annie for little over a week, but already fully believe in and want to support & help get the word out on everything she and LPM are putting together -- and there's a LOT on the schedule there these next two months! So, I know you want to get out every now and again and see something that makes you remember why you love this city, and I'm telling you - no hyperbole - the line-up of events at Little Pink Monster Gallery (17 this month!) and the caliber of work at this group show at EAST (Nov. 15th/16th & 22nd/23rd) will knock your ever-loving socks off. So excited to even be a part of this. Also, we'll have prints available this time too.

And just to give them a little more unsolicited hype: Starting Tuesday, Nov. 11th, Little Pink Monster is hosting "7 Days @ 7PM" (flyer above), a different band at Little Pink Monster for 7 days at 7pm. Free shows. Full disclosure: I don't know any of the bands personally, but after seeing the talented group of artists she's managed to pull out of the woodwork for EAST (also heretofore unknown to me), I'm very excited to check these out.