Opening Night: FRIDAY, September 5th 8PM-12AM
Wine, beer, & snacks will be provided!

Brand new 50s/60s crime noir inspired work from this year, including some 5-foot paintings never shown before, as well as some other favorites. It's a free show! And it'll be up through the end of September, sharing a table with you while you craft your thesis's (thesi? What's the plural for thesis? A Scribble of Thesi? Either way, one thesis is hard enough; if you're doing more than one, that's especially tough -- you have no time to ponder plurals! And, I looked it up, it's Theses).

Circa 13 Coffee (the second shop opened by Epoch Coffee).
2700 W. Anderson Lane, Suite 409, Austin, TX 78757
(off Burnet Rd / Anderson, right next to Alamo Drafthouse)